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About Biodiversity on 14 by 80 meters This article is going to be out of the ordinary, because I intend to wander off of the main topic -- mushrooms -- and take a broader look at nature through the tiny window that is our family land. My mushroom obsession is just a branch of my love for nature.

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Ever since I learned to walk, I've been exploring my native soil as an amateur gyógynövény a paraziták számára a rókagombákból. At first I only explored the backyard of my great-grandmother's house. I still remember that hedgehog I found rolled up on the straw in the hen house.

I remember the bee beetles I collected from flowers. Carefully held them for scrutiny between my tiny fingers.

I would hunt for rose chafers.

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By the time I was seven I could read fluently and would use books to identify even more species. Nature put me in awe. Even after all these years I stop and smile as I watch blackbirds as they run about under bushes, or listen to sparrows as they make noise in the afternoon.

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I still don't know today why they gather for some social yelling. They all chirp simultaneously, as if they were holding a forum. Gyógynövény a paraziták számára a rókagombákból like to observe animals and catch secret moments of their every-day lives.

Those little moments draw the bigger picture of life, a picture that is simply stunning.

At night, if the sky is clear, I open my window of observation even bigger. This is when I see the Earth as a gigantic spaceship, which is pulled along by our central star, the Sun.

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Along with all its planets our Sun revolves around the milky way once every Million years, which as we all know is a spoked spiral-galaxylight years across. If I let my mind drift even farther I'd look at the Andromeda galaxy above, which can be seen by the naked eye and which also has a meeting scheduled with the Milky Way 3 billion years from now to unite as one huge elliptic galaxy at the end of a long dance that will last hundreds of millions of years.

One of the greatest qualities of human consciousness is our ability to discover and comprehend things like this.

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We're all explorers. Let's return to my more immediate surroundings; I just heard one of the little owls living in my attic give off a shriek. It's almost destiny-like to have little owls live above a thinker. I consider it an honor because gyógynövény a paraziták számára a rókagombákból owls are status symbols to me, for years I wished they nested above me.


My wish came true. Noctule bats lived in the attic for years. They're useful and interesting tenants too, but the little owl, holy bird of Athene is the real grand prize. Very much so. You just have to look around, someone with weaker nerves would freak out from all these "unwanted tenants".

Someone from the city would find the sound of little owls unbearable. While I'm softened by their shrieks, he'd be driven up the walls and yell 'death birds'. Starting with early summer, the sound of frogs and insects of the night lull me to sleep. I love this choir. From May I try to approach male field crickets, so I can catch these black tail-coated bards in action.

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It's one of my most kind insects. My favorites are the bronze beetles. They deserve to be called tigers of the lawn; most of them are carnivorous.

I stumble upon creatures wherever I go.

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Once while I was attending the garden a wasp spider fell on the back of my hand. We were both surprised but at least I could take a good look at the well developed specimen before I released it back to its place. I'm afraid of only one animal but for good reasons: the hornet.

It's not a phobia, rather keeping a healthy distance.

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After all these years I'm still not bored of observing Gyógynövény a paraziták számára a rókagombákból. I won't ever be. Exploration is a life-long quest.